6.  What is the one critical aspect of practice
            nearly every acupuncturist overlooks?  It’s
            not what you think it is.
            7.  What is the one thing you are NOT doing
            that will guarantee a limited patient population,
            and will also limit motivation, and loyalty and
            hence potential practice income? 
            Provide this information that patients truly want
            and accellerate your growth.

            8.  What are the key aspects of health that can't
            be measured or monitored with the tools of
            energy medicine?

            9.  What do both you and your patients share


 that will forever alter your treatment perspective?

10.  What are the 3 Problems every acupuncturist
 faces in our New Economy and how to solve them?  

11. A misplaced preoccupation?  Why most CEUs
 rarely create more income.

12.  What does it take to separate you from the crowd?

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